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21st Jul, 2020

*10* Fiery Determination

OOC - Contact Suggestions and Criticism

Hey Everyone! 

This is where you can drop me a little message (comments screened, anon enabled) if you want to discuss any of the following:

~Possible Plot Ideas
~Constructive Criticism on my character portrayal
~Suggestions for improving my playing
~Any Questions about Hikari or myself
~Little random notes of fun <3

I don't bite, and am willing to talk to anyone here, even if we haven't interacted before. Any help to improve myself or have a more fun here at Poly is welcome! Just leave a comment, or if you prefer, you can reach me another way...

By email - bellofstories@googlemail.com
By AIM     - sweetclarabell

Just for reference, I am on GMT +0 timezone, which is why I might be on at seemingly ridiculous times. ^^

Anyway, thank you all, much love fellow Poly People!!~

16th Aug, 2010

*7* Troubled

81...The Last Challenge

[The device turns on and a dogs bark can be heard in the background, followed by a loud creak, a door being opened maybe. There's no time to dwell on it though, as the soft gasp followed by Hikari's voice can be heard clearly.]

That does look like...I'm sure it is...

[A slight pause as the dogs paws can be heard shuffling across the floor, the creature whining slightly before the girl sooths the animal softly. She sighs again, only much more audible now in a mix of relief and sadness.]

Well, that explains that weird gut feeling I had this morning. Guess it's really my turn...[Another whine from the dog causes her to laugh a little as she pets the canine.]...I know, it's too bad I can't take you with me Hotori. I'll miss you...and everyone else too...

[ooc: And Hikari is about to leave the City for good, goodbyes and farewells go here, love you all guys, thanks for making my time playing her such a joy. <3]

19th Jul, 2010

*2* Sadness

80 Challenges to Takishima!

I don't know whether I should be grateful or annoyed at that last curse. What's the point if it doesn't last, if it's only an illusion?

...And yet I was glad to see him for a while...he was real to me.

Thinking on it actually reminded me of the date. It's a few weeks away but still...I can't believe it's been nearly two years I've been here.

10th Jul, 2010

*12* Why Me?

79 Challenges to Takishima!

Oh it's you guys again. Guess they never get tired of this curse.

Well, nevermind, as long as no one gets in the way of my training. Think I'll go to the obstacle course with Hotori today.

[ooc: You know the drill, anything goes guys, though tags might be delayed till tonight since I have work today.]

23rd Jun, 2010

*9* Wah!

78 Challenges to Takishima!

[And smack, that's the device being accidentally turned on as Hikari whacks it with her palm, only now just finding the darn thing in the dark.]

Aha! Finally found this thing after trying to fumble around for so long in the d-a....

[And thump! Followed by scratching and scuffling as panting and soft growls are heard since she dropped the device onto the floor.]


[And the growls are now being followed by quite loud barking considering the comm is right next to Hotori]

Okay okay, calm down, I'm sorry I tripped over you but I can't see a...

[And she just stops, Hotori still growling.]

Did...something outside the window just...move?

[Audio end, feed timeout.]

[ooc: Warning that I am going to bed soon so tags might not get answered till tomorrow. <3]

7th Jun, 2010

*9* Wah!

77 Challenges to Takishima!

Well, that was weird. I came out of that to learn how much I'm worth in regards to livestock, that's something I wouldn't learn from a textbook.

I can go read, do that essay assignment the deities gave for fun but...argh! I can't take it, I have to...

Um, Konata, you...didn't actually do what you said you were gonna do...heh...right?

[ooc: You know this is bugging her when she's too weirded out to study or train. The cause? Romantic interest, the one thing Hikari always fails miserably with, prepare for a lot of spazz. ^^;]

5th Jun, 2010

*3* Huh?

76 Challenges to Takishima!

Well, if nothing else that last curse gave me a good workout, I was pretty mucvh running around the obstacle course all day! Maybe I should try that more often, it really helped me improve my time!

Huh...why are people bidding on each other today?

21st May, 2010

*11* Studying

75 Challenges to Takishima!

Sheesh, it's coming up to summer again? I can't believe I missed another year of school exams where I could have challenged Takishima to see who gets better scores! I mean I know time isn't going by at home but it still sucks.

Well, guess I can just challenge myself, I mean it isn't too bad I suppose, even if it's not as good. And hey, at least I can be productive! [turns on camera to point it toward a very tall and broad bookcase full of files] Too bad Mr Edgeworth didn't stay long enough for me to show him this, I'm sure he would have liked it after the time I took to organise them all.

30th Apr, 2010

*8* STFU!

74 Challenges to Takishima!


Whoever has my blazer, I want it back RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!

7th Apr, 2010

*3* Huh?

73 Challenges to Takishima!

Huh, this is...

Okay, maybe not my best achievement, but I still say that pot was faulty.

Memory PhotoCollapse )

Could have been worse, they could have shown when the ricecooker blew up...

[ooc: Anyone may find a copy of this or the other pics~ [1] [2] [3] ]

29th Mar, 2010

*11* Studying

72 Challenges to Takishima!

Alright this place has officially gone off the deep end. Well, we've had earthquakes and volcanic erruptions, why not plagues? Guess it was only a matter of time before they started throwing around the biblical references, I mean the deities are, or at least act like god like entities.

At least Hotori has come out from under the bed, I guess before he kinda sensed something was wrong. Now he just wants to go out and chase the frogs that are all over the place. Don't know if I really approve of that mind you. Still, if anyone wants a hand, just ask okay? Bugs and frogs don't bother me at all, so it's no problem! Besides I was planning on going out to the obstacle course anyway. No way I'm letting this mess stop me from training!

[ooc: Despite her naive and goofy tendancies Hikari is a first class student in her competitiveness, so of course she would recognise the plague connection after doing a bit of research. Feel free to have her aid your character guys, she'll help anyone who asks, she's just that innocent and trusting.]

22nd Mar, 2010

*12* Why Me?

71 Challenges to Takishima!

I have to wonder if it's sad that I actually don't let the weekend curses bother me anymore, Kinda a sad staple on how used to this place I've gotten. Then again they may just surprise me with some other curse out of the blue just cause I said that.

And...wait, what?! Okay, how ditzy do I have to be to miss my own birthday?! Than again cockerspaniels aren't know for great memory I guess. No offence to them though! I mean Hotori is as smart as they come!

[ooc: Spent the weekend as a dog and missed her birthday. Also am flitting on and off between studying before bed so I might not get tags till tomorrow.]

28th Feb, 2010

*7* Troubled

70 Challenges to Takishima!

[The camera pans out to show Hikari sitting on top of one of the tires at the obstacle course, panting and sweating, obviously having just finished a run through, considering how quickly she's chugging down at that bottle of water in her hand. She isn't doing much else, but thinking, so how convenient it is that she's cursed, and unaware of both being affected and the fact this is recording.]

Well, only took me two weeks, finally got my time down...

Still, wonder if there's a point if I can't compare it with his.

How do I even know if I'm still fit to be a rival if I can't even find out what's going on at home. I miss the challenge...I miss Takishima.

[Feed is still open, so wonder who wants to respond?]

[OOC: Will tag in the morning, but yes, anyone and everyone can hear what she's thinking, have fun with it. ^^]

5th Feb, 2010

*14* Scheming

69 Challenges to Takishima!

Not bad, not bad. This is turning out better than I thought it would. I might just go down to the publishing house tomorrow and see what they think, you never know. Might even get to see it in one of the playhouses some day.

[Typed Note for Jun: Off the Network]

So which district tonight? I'm sure we can find some well off suit who needs his pockets lightened hmm? What we take is just change to them anyway.

[ooc: Hikari is a student who dabbles in playwriting and is struggling to make much a living, so she and Jun often resort to stealing from wealthy patrons who hang around the clubs or bars, maybe doing a little con or dine and dash. Feel free to say they might have pocketed some of your money but weren't able to catch them. If anyone wants to have a mini plot with this, let me know. ^^]

23rd Jan, 2010

*12* Why Me?

68 Challenges to Takishima!

Hey Jun, thanks for the other day, I owe you one.

Still, this sucks, how am I supposed to do anything on this leg? Oh well...guess I can always switch focus on upper body training till it gets better.

I wonder, can you get anything from being bitten by a stuffed dog plushie?

19th Jan, 2010

*9* Wah!

67 Challenges to Takishima!

Eeh?! What the-...get off!

[Oh dear, there is a bit of crashing and thumping going on now. Guess who went to have fun at the arcade only for the curse to kick in and the toys in the prize grabber machines to come to life break the glass case and start attacking people?]

The-...The freakin toys are alive!

16th Jan, 2010

*4* Spazzing

66 Challenges to Takishima!

This is unlawful imprisonment City, this is NOT FAIR! Let me outta here!!!

[Yes this is what you hear City, Hikari shouting frantically as her fists bang on something hard. That camera flicks on for a second to show her room is empty, but the yelling and banging seems to be coming from a corner, where a locked closet door is only just holding in the wild girl inside.]

I haven't done anything wrong! What kinda stupid curse is this?! I know you deities are responsible, let me out right now!...

[Bzt- and the feed cuts out.]

[ooc: Past midnight here, so onto grabbag weekend and having Hikari affected with 'Cold Turkey', so she has been incarserated in her bedroom closet so she can't go out to do any training, studying, nothing. Her addiction is achievement and Takishima, but he's not here so..., thus keeping her stagnant  is the only way to keep her off this habit. Also, I am going to bed soon, and I have work tomorrow, so tags will be scarce till Sunday, but wanted to get this posted.]

24th Dec, 2009

*13* Happy

65 Challenges to Takishima!

Woohoo, the snow came just in time! Usually we end up getting this weather in the middle of summer, but no complaints here, this is great.
Have a Merry White Christmas everyone, Hotari and I will be stopping by to drop off gifts!

[OOC: If you're a friend of hers, expect her to be round your place before mdnight, delivering presents. She saw sense and didn't go near a stove this year thankfully so used her creativity to make everyone name bracelets or necklaces with beads in the colour best suited to them, so feel free to assume you received something.]

26th Nov, 2009

*8* STFU!

64 Challenges to Takishima!

[There is no text or voice in this post, obviously accidental, but the mic is picking up a lot of noise in the background.]

[People will hear a lot of frustrated grunts and pants as a constant thumping, like something hitting a weighty but soft form rings in an angrey rhythm.]

[ooc: Hikari is pretty upset over Tohru's death, and when home in between visits to hospital, is taking her anger out on her punching bag. Be warned, she's still pretty emotional to speak to, even if she'll try and hide it.]

1st Nov, 2009

*14* Scheming

63 Challenges to Takishima!

Well that was fun last night, a good Halloween, more so I guess cause it was busier than usual.

This curse is still going right? Guess these visitors aren't leaving for at least another day, oh well. Might as well make the most of it. Who wants to have some fun?!

[OOC: No restrictions, go for it~ <3]

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